I normally never join hashtag trends on social network. But as a woman who has been sexually harassed during most of my youth and as a person who lived almost 5 decades but sees constantly women being objectified everywhere I have to join this time. It’s not only one powerful Hollywood producer who does it, it’s a structural problem in the entertainment industry. Most industries of entertainment are a façade for high end prostitution. In industries like fashion, cinema, publicity, TV and pop music we seldom see talented people anymore, the selection is for sexually attractive people, we mainly only see sex symbols. And it’s just a symptom of a highly unequal society where inequality in wealth, power and gender is the rule. Sharing #metoo on your profile will not do much difference if you are still supporting industries that live on the objectification of women, and men too. With women the situation is much more extreme, but male celebrities are also being selected because of their pretty faces and steroid pumped bodies, young men are also harassed and raped. Every time you watch a film or video clip that reinforces gender stereotypes and hyper sexuality and you give a good review and don’t complain and don’t question why were some sex scenes needed. If you don’t complain why most pop singers look and act like sex workers and rapists, you’re supporting this kind of industry. Why are producers harassing young actors and models? Because they are not looking for talented actors, they are looking for sex symbols! If they also can act it’s a plus. They are more interested in selecting escorts and brides for billionaires. Most powerful men will get brides in the entertainment industry.

I don’t accept it, I don’t support it, this is why I always give bad reviews with tags like #sexist to nearly all Hollywood films I watch. I don’t care how good the film was, but if I see sexism in it it’ll be the main subject of my review.

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